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Keyboarding Class is Back in Session

Carol, Charlene, Michael, Jose and Roberto in the computer lab.

Our clients really want to succeed in their training. The eager students attending our keyboarding classes demonstrate this desire.

On a beautiful summer day, Carol, Charlene, Michael and Roberto worked diligently at their computers practicing keyboarding skills. Jose, our technology tutor mans the computer classroom during keyboarding class to answer questions and address any tech issues.

Carol (pictured on the left) has some experience with computers and some typing skills. But needs to improve her keyboarding before training. "I do some typing now, mostly grocery lists on a typewriter," Carol explained. So, she comes in regularly each Wednesday to hone her skills.

Charlene (second from left) has an "ultimate goal to get a job. First I have to improve my typing, then I have to gain computer skills and then I can look for a job." Charlene is on the wait list for individual technology training and wants to make good use of her time. "I wish the lab was open more than once a week," she added.

Michael (standing in the grey sweatshirt) said, "My goal is to be a DORS (Department of Rehabilitation Services) counselor. So, I need to increase my computer skills."  Michael gives his fingers quite a workout on Wednesday. He spends the morning in the computer lab and an hour in the afternoon learning to read braille with our braille tutor.

Roberto (on the right) shares his classmates employment goal. "I am learning what I need to know about the computer to get a job. This is the first time I have worked at a computer. I also want to use it to stay in touch with people."

Our lab tutors are instrumental in ensuring our clients are ready for individual training.

Octavia and Gloria take a photo break during a braille lesson

Student and Teacher Revisited

When Octavia was in grade school, she worked with a TVI (Teacher of the Visually Impaired) to facilitate her learning experience. The TVI made sure she had access to materials in large print and that Octavia knew how to access adaptive software on her computer so she could keep up in class.

Speed ahead about 20 years, and Octavia can no longer read large print. So, she decides to learn braille. "I always wanted to learn braille. All my friends in school were learning braille, but I was using large print."

When Gloria, our volunteer braille tutor and Octavia's former TVI, learned that Octavia was her new student, she was so surprised. She called Octavia to set up their first lessons.  “It is such a small world.”

"Octavia is doing fantastic," Gloria reports. "It has only been two months and she is already almost through the alphabet. The motivation is clearly there.”

“There is braille everywhere,” Octavia explained. “I want to be able to read it.”

“Octavia wants to read braille books – a reachable goal since she is already a great reader,” Gloria added. “It has been such fun to reconnect.”


Passionate Focus 2023

Six pieces of art from the Passionate Focus 2023 exhibit are shown hanging beneath a sign that reads: Diversity and Inclusion through Art: Guests Artists and Their Stories

The LaGrange Art League has generously offered to exhibit 25 pieces of work from our Passionate Focus 2023 show in their downtown LaGrange gallery.

These pieces are all created by artists with vision loss. The exhibit will be on display at 122 Calendar Avenue -- just steps from the LaGrange train station -- through the month of June. Summer is a great time to get out and expore the Chicago area. LaGrange has great restaurants, bars and small shops. Make a day of it and bring home some great artwork!

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